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Thames Solar Electric specializes in the design and installation of Renewable Energy (Photovoltaic) Battery Backed Solar Systems for Grid-Tied and Off-Grid systems.  We install systems on both residential and commercial buildings.  We, also, install Grid-Tied Systems.

 Ken Thames is a Master Electrician, ISPQ Independent Master Trainer # U-0096, NABCEP Certified PV Installer # 093006-30, and an Electrical Contractor.  Ken has been teaching PV solar classes since 2005.  He taught the CoSEIA Installer and Code Classes, helped start Arapahoe Community College's PV Solar Program, teaches On-Line Class 40 Hour Advanced Class 40-Hour Advanced NABCEP PV Training with Heat Spring and NABCEP Prep Class NABCEP Prep Class with Heat Spring.


On top of Mt. Evans Elevation 14,200 ft.

Off-Grid dwellings should first be designed to use electricity efficiently, and then the actual loads of the dwelling are used to size the solar array, not the square footage.  Besides domestic dwellings, Off-Grid PV systems are used in remote areas like the University of Denver Observatory on top of Mount Evans.




Renewable Energy (Photovoltaic PV) Solar systems are a good clean alternative energy source.  The sun is reliable.  PV systems have access to that on a daily basis.   PV systems fit on roofs, so they blend into neighborhoods very easily, even in covenanted developments.  PV systems can be mounted on different facing roofs, except those facing north, on pole mounts or on ground mounts.  Each mounting system is designed for specific needs.



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